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Want to have your order packaged on TikTok?

Our TikTok, @butwaitimhungrytoo currently has over 250,000 followers! We have more TikTok followers than Cheetos, Toxic Waste and Froot Loops COMBINED! 

As we grow so does the demand, we get tons of orders daily and many TikTok request. Currently, orders are being posted on TikTok at random.

Here is how to guarantee your order is packed on TikTok:

1. Add this + Add on to your cart. Please provide your TikTok handle if you'd like to be tagged or comment on one of my TikTok's with your name and Order number.

2. Build your cart. No minimum purchase, necessary.

3. Your order will be posted on TikTok within 5-7 days.

Updated: 5/1/23