TikTok Audit Consultation

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Have you been taking your time to create content on TikTok but it seems like your account is simply not growing? Low views? No engagement?

My growth on TikTok has honestly changed my life. I started my @munchwithdes Tiktok account in March 2022, it's been 6 months and I have grown to over 200k followers --- half of those followers came within the last 30 days. I also manage @butwaitimhungrytoo which has 182k followers and butwaitimhungry which has 28k followers.

This consultation includes

  • A personalized list of everything you're doing right on TikTok
  • A personalize list of everything you're doing wrong on TikTok and what you can do to increase your engagement
  • A list of creators in your niche whom you can use inspiration from
  • Q & A session |  I will answer any questions you have about TikTok [What to post? When to post? Sounds and Songs? Hashtags? Monetization?]
  • This session could be held via Zoom Call or Email
  • A follow up email will be sent once Consultation is purchased in regards to scheduling

E-book coming soon.